Naturally designed perfume bottle

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Author : gongyeshejixiaozhan
Update time : 2022-07-06 15:44:38
Fragrances was developed in bottle shape and packaging
The "Zen" series of fragrances was developed in bottle shape and packaging. The main purpose was to emphasize the naturalness of the scent and to reinforce the oriental meditative mood contained in the word Zen. To achieve this, we decided to derive the bottle shape from existing organic forms The concept of "ZEN" perfume packaging is a synthesis of organic shapes and perfume bottles. In this tandem, organic shapes predominate and a small piece of glass has a functional purpose - to observe the level of remaining liquid/perfume.
Touch is very important when holding the packaging. The smoothness of the glass shards gives the texture and density of the plastic packaging a natural appearance, just like real stone, bamboo or seashells. The main purpose of the packaging is to highlight the natural character of this range of fragrances and fully align with the idea of ​​Zen - calm, contemplative and natural beauty. The design of the cardboard outer packaging is deliberately simple and taboo, thus emphasizing the elegance of the bottle's natural shape when opened.
The bottle consists of two main parts - the glass container that holds the fragrance and the imitation natural object made of textured plastic. The plastic form is placed on the bottle and sealed with glue so they all form a single object. The texture and density of the plastic form mimics the look of a real natural material.