Perfume bottle series

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Update time : 2022-09-05 17:39:35
Perfume bottle series

Perfume first originated in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, India, Rome, Greece and Persia. The English word "Perfume" for perfume comes from the Latin "Parfumare", which means "penetrating the smoke".
The Persians invented the method of extracting the essence from the flowers through the knowledge of distillation, and made modern perfume through the application of alcohol.
In the Middle Ages, the Crusades brought perfume to Europe, but it was abandoned for religious reasons. It was not until the Renaissance that perfume was revived in France, and with the vigorous promotion of Louis XIV, Paris became synonymous with perfume.
Fragrance today is no longer the property of the few. With the continuous development of modern aesthetics, perfume is no longer just an olfactory fragrance experience, but also a way to interpret oneself and express one's personality.
"Simple, individual, trendy" is the design concept, interpreting more packaging solutions for the charming scent of perfume - it does not lose the perfume and the honor.

Slender perfume bottle
In my barren land, you are the last rose.